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Helping you build a brand that people value

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"Your work is currently impacting countless young lives across Australia. You should be proud. We are." 

-Motivational Media, Will Smith


Communicate more clearly

Do you want to cut through the marketplace noise and speak directly to your customer? We produce videos that will engage and resonate with your target audience. 

Build a Brand Identity

Do you want to drive your brand forward? We make videos that speak the language and culture of your brand. Use video to build a brand that people value and look to when they have a problem.

Engage more people with your message

Do you have clients that come to your business misunderstanding what you do? We make videos that give your clients a clear message. Produce videos that engage more clients with your message and win you more business.


If you're reading this...

...there's a good chance you are a part of a company and it’s your responsibility to build a strong brand that people value, understand & respect (& you wouldn’t mind a pat on the back too).
So you want a video. Maybe you’ve worked with videographers in the past that don’t understand your brand and what you’re trying to achieve. Or maybe you’ve got a video that was ok… but it kinda looked like everything else.


We get it...

It’s a lot of work to build brands that people really value, and create content that cuts through the noise. We’ve had the privilege to work with a number of companies in the past to help them build an engaging brand and we are confident we can help you too.

Here’s what we should do: Simply start by shooting us an email or booking a meeting HERE. We’ll meet and discuss your key objectives and message. From there, our team will develop the proposal. This includes the concepts, budget and time-frame for the production. Then we’ll present this to you, and when you’re ready to build a brand people engage with, you can sign off on it and we’ll take it from there!


Imagine this...

We work together and we build the kind of brand that you want through engaging video content OR you pick a random company on google, they produce a video for you, and it's ok...but something is missing. What kind of person do you want to be?


From our clients

"Talented, creative, keen eye for detail and have the gear to follow. It's rare to have the combination of marketing skills and creative skills."

- Steve Claydon

"Our biggest challenge was having anything at all to promote ourselves in a professional way and we felt frustrated and embarrassed that we didn't have something quality to showcase our services and who we are, unlike our competitors in the market. Thanks to Andrew and team for a great, professional and polished final product which we will be proud to utilise to showcase our business!"

- Searle Financial Group

"I have found our work relationship seamless and amazingly effective.The video you have produced for us went through the roof with the number of views. You have helped strengthen our market position and I will be recommending your service whenever I can."

- Hardy Ahlhaus


What most people do...

Is spend thousands of dollars on video content that doesn't cut through the noise, and doesn't really build a positive perception of their brand. On the contrary, clients that work with us are able to reach and engage their customers as well as build a brand that people connect with.

  • If the only thing you get is a kick-ass video, then it would be worth having us produce something for you.
  • If the only thing you get is a brand that people value more, then it would be worth having us produce something for you.
  • If the only thing you get is a message that is clear and cuts through the noise, then it would be worth having us produce something for you.

We do all of that, and more.