4 Reasons not to use video in your marketing strategy.

1/ You don’t have the budget

Between the expensive radio advertising and the pamphlet drops, you don't have enough budget left over to justify having video work done, your business isn't quite big enough. After all why would you use video when you can get a 2 page spread in the local paper? You are happy to keep things the way they are and hope that miraculously your results change...

2/ You are already the best in your game

You are on top of the business chain - you have hundreds of ready & willing clients knocking on your door waiting to give you their money. Why market when you are already at capacity and leading the competition locally? (Hint: something to do with brand image)

3/ You are camera shy

You hate being in front of the camera - you don’t know what to say and how to say it - you are only a business leader after all! So how could you possibly engage with video production...it's not like they could use actors or employees right?

4/ You are too busy

You have far too much to do in a week - in between changing ties, drinking coffee and catching up with staff - you couldn’t possibly have time to invest into reaching new clients effectively.

If for some reason you are still not convinced and want to use great video to reach clients - Contact us for more info.