Call it quits

Running a creative business or planning a large event is hard work and requires a lot of responsibility. When you have numerous deadlines and an expected work-flow there is a constant pressure to work more hours and harder. Sometimes all you really need to do is call it quits...

With work, comes rest. It is an essential balance. You can push yourself harder and harder, but if you want to be productive and more efficient - you need to learn when to call it quits. Creative rest is one of the best things you can do to stimulate new ideas/efficiencies. If you are a business leader, it is crucial that you learn to draw the line on your job. Yes, it is on your shoulders - but wakeup, there is more to life than your job - and seeing that may give you a new perspective on your work.

Once a week, set aside 1/2 a day where work is off the cards. 

schedule your work hours clearly so you know when to be thinking about work and when not to be. Once a week put aside a chunk of time, at least 1/2 a day where work is a no-go zone. Get outside, involve some exercise and take the family. Go for a bike ride, day trip out of town, work the garden, try a new cafe - do what it takes to help you switch off. Doing this allows your mind to re-energise and creates space for new/large scale ideas. It means that your work time is spent efficiently - because you know your time is limited, and that you have a full tank each week to re-engage.

try a new cafe, take the family on a bike ride, get out of town, go for a hike

It's not often that you will come up with a long term/major solution during the daily grind. Time off to clear your head also allows for creative solutions. It was a bike ride with my daughter a few weeks ago where I came up with a new venture within the business that will help us serve a direct market we hadn't previously. It wasn't planned, It came from creative rest. Ask your kids and your wife for their thoughts as well, they will certainly surprise you. Creative Rest is the key to productive and engaged work hours.

creative rest allows you to think outside the box. don't miss the opportunity.