Shooting tips


Communicating through video is as much as you make of it - you have the ability to convey a world of content in a few minutes, but there are a few key things to keep in mind...

1> Write it down and memorise it!

-SCRIPT out exactly what you want to communicate. What is it you want your audience to hear? What don't you want them to hear? If they could walk away with one key thought - what is it? Good material is a key ingredient to an effective promo. You can wave your magic hands all you want with lights and tricks and pizaz up your product - and achieve a shallow connection - but an honest, well communicated presentation will do far more for your engagement. Script it out and then go for 'close enough'

2> Enjoy your time (don't let the clock dictate the day)

-spend some time before (and after) the shoot having fun together. It's important to be RELAXED and in a good state of mind when you film so do what you need to do to unwind. We had a good breakfast together, went for a walk along the boardwalk, went skating, went to a cafe for some caffeine. Even while we were shooting we spent plenty of time exploring and enjoying the opportunity. It meant what we communicated was 'us' and didn't sound forced or unnatural.

3> If outside - avoid midday. Just don't...

-AVOID shooting in midday sun. If you are on a budget and/or want to be outside = morning and afternoon is best with a prime time around late afternoon depending on the season. You want people to be able to clearly see your expression and body language - that is telling them as much about you and your company as your words are. 

4> Lappel, lappel, lappel

-AUDIO is everything: it won't matter if your shot is unbalanced and your focus is a little out and your lighting isn't perfect - if people can't hear you clearly and distinctly they will not give you the time of day. make sure you have prepared multiple locations and a variety of strategies to ensure that you capture your audio well.