Ready to produce advertising campaigns that engage your digital audience and convert them into customers?

You produce a video, you upload it online, but people don't interact with it like you expected! You spend most of your budget having it produced and it makes you wonder, “Why all the effort if there isn’t any return?”

We understand your frustration: it’s a common occurrence to see social media rob great content of its full potential, simply because it's not being seen by the right audience. That’s why we offer campaign management!

What is Campaign Management?

Campaign Management is essentially the delivery and management of video advertising online. This is a vital part of the delivery process. In order to gain the most engagement with your content you need to be strategically advertising in the right spaces, language and manner to capture your target audience.

What are the benefits?

When we manage your video campaign you can achieve the video results want without the stress. You save time, frustration and money by utilising our creative and experienced team. Not only will you see return for your investment in campaign management but you will also gain a deeper insight into your expected demographic and actual demographic (people interacting with your advertising campaign).

What does Campaign Management involve?

Campaign Management incorporates a variety of key elements over a monthly period that will help you gain the most out of your video delivery, including:

  • Basic admin setup of social media platform

  • Building an audience through market insight and understanding of the business

  • Uploading and advertising content through A/B split testing

  • Fortnightly reviews and campaign word refinement

  • Monthly reports keeping you up to date with campaign insights and progression

  • A Review of overall campaign results at end of term


Video is a very powerful tool when executed well - alternatively, it can be a money pit when managed poorly. Without strategically planning and insight, the outcome can have minimal return on investment. Allow us to manage your video advertising and experience the success Campaign Management offers for your business.