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Immerse your audience in a compelling narrative.


You’re probably here because you’ve got an incredible story that people need to hear and you’re looking for a way to express it. This isn’t just a 60sec promo, there are so many layers within the larger story and there’s so much ground to cover. When people experience the entire story, it has a profound impact, but sadly only few people get that glimpse. A short video just doesn’t capture the depth of it - that is why you need a documentary.

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We work with NFP’s, Companies and Groups to produce documentaries that tell the whole story in an effective way. Imagine this: you work us and with consideration to your scope, budget and timeframe we deliver a compelling documentary that engages people with your cause. Now imagine you don't work with us: overall the production is good... but it seems to be missing that creative spark that makes all the difference.



Take the Lead - Motivational Media 2018

We had a blast producing this years Motivational Media feature documentary, encouraging high school kids from across Australia to go for gold and "Take the Lead" in their lives. This 40 min documentary was filmed in various locations across Queensland, from beach to bush, capturing the inspiring stories of young Australians who have already overcome challenging obstacles and learnt how to Take the Lead in their own lives.


Motivational Media - Will Smith

"The work produced by the Big Yak team has been incredible. Given short timelines, many curve balls and a unique high quality finish they certainly have come up trumps.
They were easy to work with and implemented changes that we requested... From myself and the team at Motivational Media. Thank You. Your work is currently impacting countless young lives across Australia. You should be proud. We are."



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