Commercial: Hello Hearing


The Keys to Better Hearing

The Hello Hearing Commercial was thoughtfully directed towards the 30 - 50 age bracket, encouraging that demographic to consider Hello Hearing as their local hearing specialists. The concept behind this TV Commercial was created to follow the story of a proud family whose young son was able to return to playing the piano after having his hearing corrected by Hello Hearing. Uniquely, the music piece to this video was chosen prior to creating the shot list, resulting in the whole production framed carefully around the song. 

We intentionally chose a mother, grandmother and a son talent, to connect and pull at the family heart strings of the older age bracket. Naturally people remember and choose to associate with companies that speak directly to them about their internal problem and how they can solve it. Visually Hello Hearing's Commercial speaks to the customer's internal problem by demonstrating how life can be restricting when faced with hearing problems, however difficult obstacles can be overcome when you are assisted by qualified hearing specialists who understands. 

Back in the studio, head down bum up, the team pieced together and colour graded the commercial. Upon delivery the team at Hello Hearing where excitably pleased with the result. As we often hear after a production - another one bites the dust.

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