Promotional: Bella Girl Program


Bella Girl Program

This was a promotional video our team produced for Bella Girl, a positive girls program that goes into schools, in order to attract more volunteers. The concept of the video was formed around the idea of 'leaving your mark' on the girls lives - hence the colour paint fight.

We chose the filming location in a field just out of town and (if we may) choreographed the paint fight. It's safe to say that no one walked out of the production unscathed by colour. 

Back in the studio for the edit, it was an efficient day and a half turn around. With such a fun concept to work with, it really makes the edit and colour edit exciting to piece together and pop. This promotional piece is now confidently attracting new volunteers to the team for 2018.

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Brisbane Corporate Promotional Video
Toowoomba Corporate Promotional Video Production
Corporate Promotional Video Production Toowoomba