Promotional: Toowoomba BMW


Luxury Weekend Away

This was a corporate video our team produced promoting the prize of a luxury weekend away for winner drawn at a local woman's event in Toowoomba. As this promotional video was to be viewed by the nominees on the night, we planned the concept of the video to be filmed in first person, so the women watching would experience first hand the excitement of what the weekend away would feel like if they won.

Starting at the Toowoomba BMW office we took advantage of the BMW team to handshake and celebrate our talent winner. We've heard it said never to work with animals or children... we'd say it's safe to add confetti cannons to the list. It took a couple of tries, bursts of laughter an accidental burst before we knocked over the shot with the backup confetti. After wrapping up at the office we pinched our first person driver and the car and took off to a couple of hand picked locations to best showcase the charm of the BMW before heading to Brisbane on an alternate afternoon to capture the luxury hotel.

There was a quick turn around back at the Yak office before the event. So much enjoyment is added to the edit when you know you've planned really well and your proud of the footage sitting in front of you. One of the most effective but technical aspects of the edit was the interior car transition between country plains to urban city. This was thoughtfully planned and executed during production, adding to the appealing experience of the BMW promotion. All in all our team were excited by the outcome and impact of the final video.