Promotional: Bzooma Tino



After nutting together the concept and shot list for the Bzooma Tino promotional video, we sent a 2 man, 1 woman team down to the Gold Coast in the early hours of the morning to start off the shoot in good light and quiet traffic. We met up with 2 of our hand picked talent for the shoot, the stylish Eleisha repping the retro Tino electric and Bosun the unfortunate victim of the dirty old petrol. There was no complaints as the production team and talent had a ball buzzing around the coast on scooters - not something you get to do everyday.

The aim of the production was to showcase the contrast between the two types of scooters by displaying the inconvenience, unreliability and frustration of the petrol scooter next to the ease and favoured lifestyle of the Tino. To achieve this goal, one element of the shoot consisted of repeating the similar shots whilst alternating between talent to further showcase exact comparisons between the two. 

All was running smoothly until the low charged electric ran out of power towards the end, 15 minutes away from the last location for wrap up. A 30 minute pit stop and breather in the cool of a local shop was taken to recharge the batteries and we finished off the day with the garage scene showcased in the beginning of the promotional video.

Back in the studio for post production, a well planned shoot sets you up for an easy edit. Andrew basked in the colour grade as he set the look to suit the retro 80's theme(his personal favourite) and animated the split screen scenes for a quick 2 day turn around. Once the corporate promotional video was delivered our client rang almost immediately very thankful and impressed with the outcome. The video is now uploaded and hosted on the landing page of his website. Job done. 


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