Terms & Policies



  1. The Client assumes responsibility and risks for video content upon approval of Final Cut. We will help you with your content, however we are not responsible for implementation of material - unless otherwise agreed in writing.

  2. Charges for video production are based on our understanding on your requirements, which we note in our ‘Creative Brief.’ Work done outside those parameters by Big Yak Creative will incur additional charges.

  3. We will supply your video to you through a third-party host, protected by a unique password. The file is downloadable in HD quality or shareable directly from third party.

  4. It is the responsibility of the Client to thoroughly check draft versions to ensure satisfaction. Costs for further alteration after the third draft will be borne by the Client.

Time frame

  1. Production timelines are an estimated schedule only and delays in receiving prepayment, progress deposit or content needed for the production of video may extend production timelines. Big Yak Creative assumes no responsibility for an increase in costs or expenses; any loss of profit, business, contracts or anticipated savings; or any other indirect loss or damage as a result of delay or failure to supply video production.

  2. Generally, providing the payments have been made, the turn around from shoot to first draft will be within 2-3 weeks, and the final within 4 weeks.

  3. We will notify you in writing, if there have been significant delays from us in producing your video, which we consider more than 4 weeks from shoot date, and outline an updated project timeframe to rectify delay.


  1. Where possible, Big Yak Creative will ensure adherence with Copyright regulations regarding talent and or business properties. Should Big Yak Creative breach copyright regulations, we reserve the right to recall material previously provided to rectify the issue. We will not be held liable for actions taken against our Client resulting from Video production and or any other work we may be performing within the business.

  1. Big Yak Creative may, from time to time, use client work for marketing and promotional purposes. Where necessary we will use a Talent release form for unrelated persons.


  1. Payment terms are 40% deposit on confirmation of booking, 40% progress payment upon delivery of first video draft and 20% final payment upon delivery of Final production.

  1. Big Yak Creative will not proceed with production until payment has cleared. This extends through the entire payment process, from deposit to final payment.


  1. Any production may be cancelled by mutual agreement and in the event of such cancellation the client agrees to reimburse Big Yak Creative for any planning, preparation or producing already performed to that time.

  1. We reserve the right to cancel the production at any stage if we believe the content to be morally or ethically unsound or unfit for public viewing. We will notify client in writing if this is the case.


  1. Any content (video, audio, photo, animation) produced by Big Yak Creative remains the property of the business. Big Yak Creative reserves the right to remove or limit access to any content until paid in full and we may engage with customers digitally to reclaim content in the event of non-payment.

Your responsibility

  1. Your responsibility throughout the production process will involve supplying information and content needed to make the production possible. We will liaise with you, primarily through email, in order to gather the necessary data. The project may be delayed in accordance with the time a client takes to supply information.