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Shelton Homes

Shelton Homes approached our team to produce a testimonial video for one of their rural clients. So we traveled just past the outskirts of Crows Nest to capture their stunning new Queenslander home in the late of the afternoon.

Ange, the Shelton Homes client, sent through a really positive testimonial about the business, which we sent away to be voiced professionally. She hit the nail on the head when she wrote about wanting to build a home that suited their lifestyle. What we love about this statement is it answers the internal problem of potential clients who watch the video. 

External Problem: We need a new house

Internal Problem: We need a house that suits our lifestyle. A house that reflects us and supports our way of living. And more...

So when viewers watch the video they hear how Shelton Homes understands their need and has a solution to their problem, resulting in more people associating with the brand and more enquiries to build. This is the power of a testimonial video! Our approach in a testimonial video is always to answer the internal problem of the customer, because it's a genuine way of verifying business and positioning your company as a valuable solution. 

Want to record a testimonial video from one of your clients? That's a great idea! Connect with our team and together we will produce an engaging video that will verify your business and help you build a brand that people value. 


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